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Well... for those who don't know, Off*beat has been completed. [20 Apr 2014|02:20am]

After so many years, Off*beat finished up its final chapter on Friday April 18th. For those who may be interested in seeing how it wrapped up, check out Sparkler!

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Jenn at Manga Next [01 Dec 2011|09:02am]

Hi, guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that Jenn will be a guest at Manga Next in New Jersey next February! I will be there all three days, so I was wondering, does anyone have any questions they'd like me to try to ask her? Will anyone else be at this con to meet her? (it's a great con, btw, Jenn or not)
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Greetings and Hope~ [08 Nov 2011|10:56pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hi, everyone. This is my first post, but like most all of you I've been a fan of Off*Beat since it's first release so many years ago, and I know that we've all been waiting patiently to hear any news. Well, I'm glad to announce that (some) news is here. From Jen herself, complete with new art work of out favorite boys~


From what I've gathered from reading through her comments, Jen got the rights to Off*Beat back, she wants to see it finished just as much as us, and there appears to be a possible pitch to another publishing company. All tentative, of course, but far more news than we've had for years.

So, everybody, go to Jen's page and show her some support~!

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New Facebook Page... [20 May 2011|12:30pm]


Hope you guys like this page, there are 2 of them. But that other one was having issues and when I updated it, I kicked myself out (dumb, right?) Anyways, click the like button if you're interested. :D
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[15 Apr 2011|09:10pm]

Well if there was any hope of Tokyopop ever publishing volume 3, there isn't any more. Tokyopop's North American manga publishing division is closing down on May 31st:


I suppose it remains to be seen whether this will mean anything for the OEL titles like Off*Beat left unfinished.
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OFF*BEAT COSPLAY [08 Mar 2011|10:28pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So I live in New York City, where Off*beat -obviously- takes place. My friends and I decided to do a little closet cosplay photoshoot this afternoon :D

Pictures under cut!Collapse )

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TP fires OEL editor [01 Mar 2011|02:45pm]


Okay, so big news from the Evil Empire today, editors Lillian Diaz-Przybyl and Troy Lewter have been laid off, reducing the already minimal staff to "a handful of people".
Diaz Przybyl was one of the brains behind OEL manga in Tokyopop. If I remember correctly, wasn't she Off*Beat's old editor? I don't have the books in front of me right now, but I seem to recall that she was.

Diaz-Przybyl also wrote an article on why manga gets cancelled  recently, which can be found here. It's not exactly enlightening, but considering TP has cancelled so many books, I can see why she would feel compelled to write it.

So yeah, she's gone.
It's not like volume 3 hasn't been doomed since that hiatus was first announced back in 2008, but this is kind of just like another layer of concrete on its grave.

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Heya! [08 Jan 2011|10:55pm]

[ mood | Meh ]

Hey everyone! I actually have a funny story about Off*Beat ~ 

So I got to my library regularly (once or twice a week depending on if i can get a ride there) and hunt for new and awesome manga/books/anime to check out.  I was doing my rounds and grabbed a bunch of random stuff to read at school off the shelves. This included Off*Beat.  I've never been one to check the summary or the rating or the genre and just go with it.  I brought it to school, and was just skimming it, got to the end and was like "whaaaat i don't get it" cuz I skimmed. The next day, I read it again, slower.  At that point, I get half way through, check the genre on the back of the book and an like "OOOHHH Thats why that didn't make sense..." Somehow I had gotten it into my head that it was anything but shounen-ai and romance because it was from my library... I love shounen ai though, and was delighted.  Since then (about a week ago) I got the second volume from the library (today finally) and I'm ordering the volumes because I can't live without Off*Beat now <3   

Well that's my story and hehe

I really hope we get some more news on Off*Beat soon and it doesn't just turn into a cold case that isn't re-opened for 10+ years.... I mean, as long as it does come back, I don't care what time it is (as long as i get to read it xD ) but sooner would be better and You're awesome rosebud for calling into TokyoPop >_< I'm getting my friends to read it now/support it so maybe at some point I'll be able to work up the courage to call and ask as well...

Well that's my rant minus all the thoughts i have about TP and the 3rd volume ^_^

Bai bai~

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Happy Holidays [25 Dec 2010|04:56pm]

Christmas present for you guys.
Two wallpapers and an extremely sappy fic.
I can resize the red one upon request to fit your monitor better. Unfortunately I don't have the psd file for the pink wall anymore, but if you would like a different resolution I'll do my best to resize it. It just may look a bit fuzzy, that's all ;D

And the fic.
[Fic]- "return", G.

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Good news? (Sort of) [12 Nov 2010|12:54am]

I bring vaguely hopeful tidings! (^_^;) Though it isn't being widely publicized yet (according to a comment from a TP editor it's still being tested and pulled together for the next few weeks), it seems Tokyopop has begun selling some manga print on demand off their site. Off*Beat volume 3 is NOT among the list of books currently available, unfortunately. However, at least one other OEL that originally had its third volume finished but never published IS. On top of that, volumes 1-2 of Off*Beat are available.

As for my own personal mindspill reaction to this...Collapse )
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Tokyopop on Off*Beat [08 Oct 2010|05:04pm]

Hi guys.
I have something that you may be interested in.
Skip to 3:35 to get past me getting put on hold.
Youtube interview with TokyopopCollapse )
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Tokyopop at Conventions [09 Jul 2010|02:52pm]

So Tokyopop is finally doing convention rounds this year.  According to their emails, they are going to be attending Anime Expo, ConnectiCon, Ikasucon and Mechacon.

Since we have literately heard NOTHING out of the company regarding the state of Off*Beat since this bloody hiatus began, is anyone going to be going to these conventions in order to ask Tokyopop's PR representatives face-to-face? It might be the only opportunity to get some answers out of them, since they have been grossly unresponsive to everyone in the fanbase regarding when the last book will be published.

I personally would love to run them through my own set of questions myself, but considering I live in Canada, doing that is a bit unrealistic.

Also make sure to remind them that it has been a) FOUR YEARS since the second volume was released and that b) this is the last volume in a series of three books. 

I also found out from maseiya  that Tokyopop is having a tour to find America's greatest otaku, with the CEO himself tagging along. Website is here if you want to try tracking them down.
Also, route map. It's like they went out of their way trying to avoid the border.
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Where to buy Off*Beat online? [24 Apr 2010|02:46pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

My birthday is next saturday and I want to ask my mom to buy me a manga of the internet.

I was wondering where can I buy off*beat manga vol 1 and 2
Amazon only have vol 1 and for vol 2 you only can buy it from other buying options or used/seller which i'm not sure if I can really  trust that. I have read some feedback on  buying options , and some people haven't got the manga yet.
Tokyopop & Right Stuf doesn't sell it an more, baner and noble, buy.com is the same to amazon.

Anime Castle I'm not sure if I can trust that website.

I need buying website that I can trust like amazon not seller website like Ebay or something.


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[Question] Online scans? [25 Mar 2010|05:43pm]

[ mood | awake ]

DAMMMMMMMN SON IT'S BEEN A WHILE. *sweeps cobwebs off*

Anyway, I just saw itomaru's fanmade trailer (HERE: http://community.livejournal.com/gaiaproject/35326.html)

Absolutely fantastic~ I've been thinking that stuff like these are great ways to spread the OB love~ And I'd adore making an mmv/amv with OB.
Unfortunately, I do not own OB volume 2.

Sooo...Does anyone know if there is a resource online, a download folder of the series? Or online scans like mangafox?

And oh yes! Would anyone be interested in a flash Off*Beat dating sim? I'm still looking at tutorials, trying to figure out actionscript, but just wonderin~

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Fic Recs? [17 Feb 2010|08:34pm]

Hey guys,
I'm new to the community and you have no clue how happy I am to find this thing >:D

But anyways, enough diddle daddle
You guys know any fanfics with Colin as the person telling the story? :S I can't seem to find any. D:
Help wanted, please and thank you :)
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100th FanFiction [03 Jan 2010|08:12pm]

I have obsessed and saved every fanfic I have ever seen of Off*beat (from both LJ and FF.net). Currently I have 88 stories saved (including my own).

We should see who gets to be #100!
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New layout maybe? [10 Dec 2009|08:36pm]

Hey guys,
I was just looking at the journal today and it struck me as being kind of...drab.
I mean, there isn't anything wrong with it really. The colours don't burn one's retinas and there aren't any huge banners that you have to scroll past or anything.
But imo, it's kind of time that this darling little community of ours got a facelift that wasn't so plain and grey. After all, it's the largest gathering of Off*Beat fans on the internet, and we've had the same basic layout for years!
I was thinking that we could make a header image, a nicer background, and throw some colours in so the page is really warm and inviting and professional.

Also, I'm extremely bored and making layouts to stave this.

So, what are your opinions? Is everyone else liking the current layout, or do you think we should spruce it up a bit?
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Kisses In The Dark [10 Dec 2009|06:04pm]

Title: Kisses In The Dark
Author: kianaaaaa
Rating: PG
Pairing: Tory/Colin
Warnings: Shounen-ai.
Disclaimer: Off*Beat belongs to Jennifer Lee Quick, not me.
Summary: Colin and Tory regret going to Mandy's party.
Author's Note: An old oneshot.

( Kisses In The Dark )
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Happy Birthday Colin [19 Nov 2009|03:57am]

And a great Offbeat story to go with it!

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Mowar stuffs ^__^ [16 Oct 2009|03:40am]


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